Eternights (PS5)

Eternights (PS5)
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You may save the planet and fall in love at the same time.

Eternights is a dating action game that combines an emotional romance with intense action as you try to survive the end of the world. Go on dates while you scavenge for food and supplies in dungeons.

Confront the infected

Something or someone has suddenly altered human beings into vicious beasts. They are now completely preoccupied with violence and authority. They are the obstacle to a treatment and the future you want for yourself. First and foremost? You're not just battling for yourself; you're fighting for the people you care about.

Seek Romance

The world's end is a fascinating topic of discussion. You can opt to spend your time away from dungeons getting to know a cast of five unique and lovable individuals. Learn their backstories and develop a bond with them to get access to special abilities and spells for use in combat.

Timed competition

Exploring, dating, and scavenging...There are too many tasks to complete in a day, and they're all due at different times. Do you intend to spend more time with your closest confidant so that you may learn from one another and develop a stronger bond? Will you go out into the wastes and try to find what you need? Doing exercises with your friends increase your strength? Or will you just head to the dungeon the moment you have the chance? You have to make a decision, but time is running out.

Play Dungeon Dominator

The "Wall" refers to these perilous regions that are shrouded in mystery and danger. Time is of the essence, so you'll have to work swiftly to solve traps, riddles, and dance minigames. You are fortunate to have your trusted friends and family members close by.

Cartoon Interstitials

Depending on who you choose to date, you'll trigger one of many entirely 2D animated sequences. Put yourself in the shoes of the people you're reading about.

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