The Lamplighters League (Xbox ONE / Series X|S)

The Lamplighters League (Xbox ONE / Series X|S)
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In The Lamplighters League, you will have to sneak, steal, and shoot your way through a pulp adventure universe! Play a strategic turn-based combat game where you can outwit opponents and go on a global tour of intriguing locations. If you play your cards well, you could even be able to save the planet.

The developers of BATTLETECH and The Shadowrun Trilogy, Harebrained Schemes, present a brand-new setting in an alternate 1930s that is poised for global dominance and is ruled by a despotic cult known as the Banished Court. For millennia, the Lamplighters League, a group of valiant academics, stood as the only obstacle between this evil organization and their schemes.

Sadly, the finest among them are all gone, leaving the best of the worst.

Assemble a group of misfits and villains with distinct skills and endearing characters, and use a combination of turn-based tactical combat, real-time infiltration, and a character-driven plot of mystery and adventure to hunt down the Banished Court wherever it may be found.

Style Blends Strategy and Story

  • Take charge of a group of distinct, colorful individuals and learn about their duties within the team as well as their special tactical skills. By sending them on missions, you may get to know their backstories and the environment they live in. Each misfit has special moves that can change the course of a battle.
  • Discover a range of exhilarating locations and assess the battlefield prior to the war intensifying: surreptitiously slip past adversaries in a real-time infiltration mode, dispatch the remaining combatants with stealth and silence, and arrange your group to gain a tactical advantage.
  • Take use of every advantage and nasty trick your agents possess in this thrilling turn-based fighting game. Upgrading your agents' equipment, augmentations, and advanced skills will help you stay ahead of the Banished Court's mounting threat!

Race Against the End-of-the-World Countdown

  • Explore the 1930s alternate history globe with the Banished Court, seeing dockyards, deserts, and both urban and untamed jungles. Control your decisions globally and attempt to stop your adversary from implementing their devious plans!
  • Search the world for criminals and misfits and enlist them to your cause before the Banished Court apprehends them first to find new allies among the finest of the worst!
  • Your squad gains new tools and skills with each mission, but use caution—stress and accidents can have a negative impact!
  • Can you stop the universe from being reshaped to fit the warped will of the Banished Court? Discover in... The Tower at the End of the World and the Lamplighters League!

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