Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden (Xbox Series X|S) (USA)

Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden (Xbox Series X|S) (USA)
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New Eden, 1695. In addition to being lovers, Banishers Red mac Raith and Antea Duarte made a commitment to defend the living against the threat posed by specters and lingering ghosts. After her last mission goes horribly wrong, Antea becomes one of the ghosts she despises after suffering a deadly wound. The couple looks for a means to rescue Antea from her new situation in the eerie wilds of North America.

Take in the breathtaking, personal, and moving tale of two destined lovers. Enter the life of New Eden's villages as Banishers and work through eerie cases in a magical, mythological environment rife with eerie monsters and long-forgotten secrets. Utilize your cunning or mix Red's weapons with Antea's spiritual abilities to vanquish and exorcise the spirits haunting the living.

You will face difficult choices that will have a significant impact on both your story and the destiny of everyone who lives in New Eden, including wandering spirits. To what far will you break your vow to pursue ghosts in order to protect your beloved, who turned into one of these spirits?

  • Battle supernatural forces with magic, weaponry, and spiritual abilities as both Antea and Red in this role-playing game.
  • Unlock new skills and equipment to unleash the Banishers' full potential.
  • Discover the long-forgotten clues and unsolved mysteries of a magical, lore-filled universe.
  • Qualities of a well-known studio DON'T NOD; instead, make ethically dubious decisions that have an impact on the plot, the setting, and the destiny of every character—alive or dead.

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