Games with Gold February 2023

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Games with Gold February 2023

Games with Gold February 2023

The newly added games for Xbox Gold February 2023 have been announced!

Attention Xbox Live Gold users! Start 2023 off with some exciting news! A fresh batch of fantastic games has been added to Xbox's free game lineup. For a limited period, these games will only be available through Games with Gold. Take advantage of this opportunity to try out new game genres in Xbox Gold's February 2023 collection of captivating games.

With Xbox Live Gold, you get access to the latest multiplayer platforms, allow players with an active subscription to download games for free during their period of availability, offer weekly discounts on select games in the Microsoft Store, quicker access to demos and betas. The most advantageous aspect of this membership is Games With Gold February 2023, which is worth more than what you pay monthly.

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What happens to my Games With Gold February 2023 if I cancel my Xbox Live Gold subscription?

Xbox One: You will no longer be able to access your Games with Gold titles if you cancel your subscription. However, if you decide to renew your subscription at any time, you'll be able to access and play your previously redeemed Games with Gold titles again.

Xbox 360: Any Games with Gold titles that you redeem as an Xbox Live Gold or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate member are yours to keep, regardless of whether you continue your subscription.

Games With Gold for free in February 2023

  1. For the King- Available February 1 to 28
  2. Guts N Goals- Available February 16 to March 15

We suggest that you examine the game's specifics to just how incredible they are!

The first game that you can experience from the February free games list with Gold is For the King

For the King is a strategic RPG that blends table-top and roguelike elements in a challenging adventure that spans the realms. Or so says the description in the Xbox store. IronOak Games and Curve Digital have done a fine job of crafting an easily accessible, fun to play turn-based quest, complete with exploration, looting, player customization, combat, and some light gambling elements scattered throughout the expansive map.

For the King boasts a rich and vibrant world with diverse realms and landscapes, depicted through art design that, while not overly detailed, effectively immerses you. Its large hexagonal map, reminiscent of classic tabletop games, adds to the charm. The cute character design is initially limited by limited customization options, but players can uncover plenty of unlockables in the Lore store. By exchanging in-game lore, you can access special items, locations, events, and characters.

You can select one of four character classes when the game first starts out. The Blacksmith has a shield and hammer at his disposal. Bow in hand, the hunter. On a lute or guitar, the minstrel performs, while the scholar, well, you get the picture. In the Lore shop, more character classes can be unlocked. It's interesting that, regardless of speciality, any character class may equip any sort of weapon, so you can try different things as long as your character can effectively wield it. All you can do is swing and miss if your character's attributes aren't sufficient for a certain weapon. The same holds true for magical assaults.

The second game that you can try for a limited time from the February free games list with Gold is Guts N Goals

We really just get a Grand Prix mode that is incredibly brief and concise. This offers some quick excitement while also allowing us to become accustomed to the fundamentals. The basic idea is to play a game of football, except instead of kicking the ball, players run around the field striking other players and the ball with bats. It moves about as quickly and frantically as you might anticipate: first to 2 goals wins. A hit causes the ball to go only a short distance, but a charged shot travels farther but takes an extra one or two seconds to charge. Each strike also launches the ball in a volley of sorts, allowing players to lob one another.

Similar to this, a basic hit will remove one of the players' energy blocks from the other team while a charged hit will remove two. Each player starts out with six, and after they are all gone, they are down for three seconds before getting back up and continuing. This combat-sport hybrid makes for a good chuckle as teams naturally crowd around the ball as bats swing and bloodshed breaks out.

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