The Last Faith (Xbox ONE)

The Last Faith (Xbox ONE)
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Nothing should stand in your path because both the blessed and the wicked will face the same judgment.

The Last Faith is an unholy combination of soulslike and metroidvania, often harsh but always powerful.

The Last Faith has a vast array of unique executions to carry out and thrives on precise and vicious warfare.

You can forge your own path by using a powerful arsenal of long-range weapons, magical spells, and melee weapons.

An essential component of The Last Faith is nonlinear inquiry. Gorgeous gothic landscape rendered in pixel art. Travel by castles illuminated by the moonlight and mountains covered with snow. Learn how to use and improve a powerful array of destructive tools.

Take on the role of Eryk, who awakens in The Last Faith's devastated world and has no memory of his immediate past. He's going to find out very soon that his conscience and mind are failing and it's a race against time. His quest for relief from this curse sends him on a perilous journey where he encounters deities and adherents of archaic faiths.

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