Trine 5: A Clockwork Conspiracy (Xbox ONE / Series X|S) (UK)

Trine 5: A Clockwork Conspiracy (Xbox ONE / Series X|S) (UK)
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    Xbox Series X | S

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The adventures of Amadeus the Wizard, Zoya the Thief, and Pontius the Knight continue in Trine 5: A Clockwork Conspiracy.

The Heroes of Trine must band together to defeat a dreaded Clockwork army and restore order and justice to the realm; their honor has been sullied, their families are in peril, and their magical abilities are on the line.

Explore stunning 2.5D environments with a new cast of characters, some allies and some opponents, but all unforgettable, in Trine's most in-depth and graphically rich chapter to yet.

Whether you're playing solo or with up to three pals in online or local co-op, the difficulty of the puzzles will change according on how many people are participating in the game.

Raise the heroes to new heights of fame as they reunite in the Trine's all-new skill quest system.

Action-packed puzzle platforming in 2.5 dimensions

You can team up with one other person or up to three others online or locally.

Easily approachable and fun to play over and over thanks to a combat and puzzle difficulty slider.

Fantastical setting with breathtaking vistas.

Tense boss fights with a revamped fighting system

magical score and a vocal cast full of old favorites and endearing newcomers.

The addition of a character-centric skill quest system has resulted in unprecedented richness and variety of play styles.

The most extensive storyline in the Trine series, with more stages, riddles, and fights than ever before.

Express yourself by dressing up the heroes of Trine as you choose!

Restore peace to the land and defeat the evil clockwork overlords in Trine's most enchanted adventure!

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