Trinity Fusion - Deluxe Edition (Xbox Series X|S) (Argentina)

Trinity Fusion - Deluxe Edition (Xbox Series X|S) (Argentina)
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Deluxe Edition includes:

  • The base game: Trinity Fusion,
  • Exclusive Spectral Scanner,
  • Unlock all 3 Characters from the start,
  • Unlock Boss Rush,
  • Endless Mode.

Take charge of your other identities and set out to rescue the collapsing multiverse. Experience sci-fi, gloomy environments while taking part in fluid, accurate, and quick fighting.

A trip around the multiverse in a rogue-lite style

The multiverse's different branches are constantly evolving. Battle through a variety of manually created challenges and arenas that will test your abilities in addition to procedurally generated levels. Hundreds of specially designed rooms are seamlessly combined to create levels with 3D graphics.

High-stakes battle

utilizing weaponry and attack mechanisms that draw from our prior work developing combat games. You'll be able to evade opponent assaults by dodging, sliding, and dash while retaliating with a variety of powerful special weapons and skills.

Three personalities, three realms to investigate

You can explore different biomes in each of your parallel selves' own worlds, and each has its own distinct set of skills and weaponry. Explore a cosmos of bleak wasteland and caves inhabited by mutated beasts; flee the never-ending forges and laboratories of a machine-ruled world; and make it out of the perilous sky cities of a post-human society.

Continuous Advancement

Reclaim important sites in each universe as you find fresh starting points for your run and unlock permanent upgrades in the Hub. Do you find yourself becoming mired in one place? Choose a new one to start your next run in! No matter where you pass away or where you choose to begin, you are moving forward in some way.

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