Chants of Sennaar (Xbox Series X|S)

Chants of Sennaar (Xbox  Series X|S)
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  • Plataforma:
    Xbox Series X
  • Forma de envío:
    Código Digital
  • Tiempo de envío:
    Menos de 5 minutos
  • Región:
    En todo el mundo
  • Disponibilidad:
    En Stock

Explore the hidden meanings of historical relics.

The Peoples of the Tower have been at odds with one another since the beginning of time. The barriers must be broken down and the Balance must be restored, but one day a Traveler will acquire the insight to do it. Travel to a mythical land where mankind have lost their history and find themselves in a beautiful, lyrical atmosphere. Explore a vast maze, learn a terrifying secret, and decode the code to a fascinating world all with the help of ancient languages.

Learn several ancient languages and set off on an exciting adventure.

Discover a stunning and intriguing planet whose compelling story is rooted in the tale of Babel.

• Use your senses and your brain to figure out the world around you.

Sneak past the guardians and explore the off-limits areas by using your wits.

• Decipher old writings in order to renew communication amongst the Tower's inhabitants

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