Farlanders (Xbox ONE)

Farlanders (Xbox ONE)
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    Xbox One
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In this turn-based strategy game with a retro appearance but modern gameplay, lead the charge to construct a colony on Mars. Use specialized tools to terraform the planet, create settlements for your colonists, and develop industries that produce resources in an effort to build an autonomous civilization.


Build water pumps, develop farms on fertile land, harness the power of the sun, and mine for valuable minerals to provide a livable environment for your settlers. Prior to construction, make sure to plan well. Depending on where each structure is located, it will offer extra benefits. An increase in electrical output, for instance, will result from installing a wind turbine next to mountains.


You always have the option to extend downwards if you need more room below the surface or if you run out of resources. Use terraforming tools to explore underground, find relics, and mine rare minerals to expand your territory. Your colonists will flourish more the more resources you gather.

System for Terraforming

Choose a terraforming kit during your turn to alter the terrain in a way that benefits your colony. In need of a water supply? Watch the surrounding flat area become fruitful by inserting a water drop tile into a canyon. lacking in resources? Create new mineral deposits or merely increase the size of current ones.

Be careful while planning where to put terraforming tiles because they have fixed forms. If you lay a water drop tile on level terrain as opposed to a canyon, you can get ice as a result. Make sensible decisions and always prepare two steps in advance.


Every time you go through it, a brand-new map will be produced procedurally, offering you brand-new obstacles to face. The same holds true for the designs you receive for terraforming, trade offers, and even weather.

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