Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective (Xbox ONE / Series X|S)

Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective (Xbox ONE / Series X|S)
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  • Plataforma:

    Xbox One

    Xbox Series X | S

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    Código Digital
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In this quirky, puzzle-filled mystery classic, now in HD, solve your own murder!

BANG! A single shot echoes throughout the pitch-black metropolis. But even as one life dies, the narrative only just began... Sissel discovers that he has lost both his memories and his life when he awakens as a ghost. I, who am I? Who murdered me? Then why? Sissel must unravel the riddle of his own murder, starting with the detective who could have seen the crime, with just a few hours left until daybreak and oblivion. In this novel filled of quirky humor and endearing characters, you may use the powers of the dead to possess, influence, and even turn back time as you try to solve brain-teasers riddles.

The legendary mystery puzzle game Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective, created by Ace Attorney series creator Shu Takumi, has undergone a long-awaited HD remake with improved graphics and audio. The renowned Great Ace Attorney composer Yasumasa Kitagawa has created brand-new musical arrangements that are entirely coordinated with the original music so you may switch between them whenever you choose while playing. New music and art galleries are also present. This is the definitive edition of the legendary puzzle-solving mystery adventure, so don't be fooled!

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