Persona 3 Portable (Xbox ONE)

Persona 3 Portable (Xbox ONE)
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    Xbox One
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    Código Digital
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Experience Persona 3 Portable, the venerable, highly acclaimed RPG that completely reimagined the Persona series.

The main character runs into the "Dark Hour" not long after transferring to Gekkoukan High School. The city is engulfed in an unfamiliar silence, individuals start to resemble creepy coffins, and an army of shadowy creatures known as Shadows swarms. When one of these Shadows attacks them and all hope appears gone, the strength of the heart, or their Persona, awakens.

With their newly acquired strength, they set out to discover the truth about the Dark Hour and accept their fate.

Play Persona 3 Portable now with newly enhanced visuals, greater gameplay fluidity, and quality of life features like difficulty selection and quick save capabilities.

Investigate the mysteries of the Dark Hour, scale the ominous tower of Tartarus, defeat strong Shadows, and more.

Live through a whole academic year filled with everyday activities as you establish priceless friendships with enduring personalities.

For twice the social potential, experience this dark, emotional trip from the perspectives of two different characters.

Select between Japanese and English voiceovers.

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