8Doors: Arum's Afterlife Adventure (PS4)

8Doors: Arum's Afterlife Adventure (PS4)
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  • Plataforma:
    PlayStation 4
  • Forma de envío:
    Código Digital
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    Menos de 5 minutos
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    En todo el mundo
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A story-driven action platformer in the Metroidvania style called "8Doors" is largely influenced by Korean folktales. Play as "Arum," a courageous young woman who deliberately entered the afterlife to look for her father's soul, and assist her in through the "8 Doors of Purgatory" to unlock the mysteries that are hidden there. Kill the vile wraiths that stand in your way and save the fleeing souls that seek your help.

Adaptive Gameplay

  • Explore: Make your way through the eight distinct purgatory realms and the myriad lethal barriers in your way.
  • Battle: To defeat more than 36 different kinds of specters and 21 deadly bosses with distinctive attack patterns, use slick combination attacks and prompt dodges.
  • Improve: Use seven different types of weapons, develop a variety of skills, and benefit from passive powers.

Deep & Immersive Story

  • The intriguing afterlife of the East serves as a backdrop.
  • Based on traditional Korean folktales, the plot has several interesting ideas and characters.

Graphics and art by Sharp

  • Unique Visuals: To give the game vitality, only Red, Black, and White were chosen as colors.
  • All of the characters in the 2D frame-by-frame animations were hand-drawn.

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