Chef Life: A Restaurant Simulator (PS5)

Chef Life: A Restaurant Simulator (PS5)
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    PlayStation 5
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Take charge of the establishment of your dreams.

Build your own kitchen by selecting and personalizing dozens of kitchen appliances (ovens, food processors, etc.)! Prior to lighting your burners, organize your crew and oversee your suppliers to secure excellent goods that will satisfy even the pickiest gourmets. To avoid being overwhelmed by the dinner rush, keep an eye on your funds and plan your schedule.

a menu designed to suit your preferences

Which sort of cooking do you like, caccio e pepe or boeuf bourguignon? Focus on traditional meals from French, Italian, and other world cuisines while creating your menu! Do you want to look beyond the most basic recipes? Bring them up to new culinary standards by improving them! Make a reputation for yourself by changing your menu in accordance with the seasons and the demands of your clients.

Mix, bake, grill, chop, and more!

Each service will put your culinary and managerial prowess to the test. In order to please your picky consumers, your crew will be of great assistance. Manage the chopping, cooking, and entire preparation process up until plating, where you may express your creativity.

From a little coffee shop to a Michelin-starred eatery

Learn how to expand your restaurant and win over more repeat business. Improve your cooking abilities by learning new recipes. Will you focus on fine dining in the hopes of obtaining a coveted star from the Michelin Guide, or do you want to become the neighborhood's favorite hangout?

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