After Wave: Downfall (Xbox ONE / Series X|S)

After Wave: Downfall (Xbox ONE / Series X|S)
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    Xbox One

    Xbox Series X | S

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In the arcade shooter After Wave: Downfall, the player controls a cool battleship while battling numerous creatures and completing tasks. A mystery meteorite that Deathrix unleashed after invading the globe and unleashing a massive flood. Players may improve their ships' performance to battle the most ferocious foes. A Local Co-op option enables players to band together and go on adventures with others.

graphics in three dimensions with breathtaking effects.

Take a local Co-op mode adventure with your buddies.

—A range of complexities.

- 10 challenging boss battle stages to complete.

—Upgrade your battleship's systems to get new playing techniques.

—There are six distinct types of battleships to select from.

—Extra mode provides for flexible gameplay.

—Many achievements to unlock throughout the game.

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