Like a Dragon: Ishin! (Xbox Series X|S)

Like a Dragon: Ishin! (Xbox Series X|S)
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    Xbox Series X
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    Moins de 5 minutes
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Wear the armor and weapons of the elite to become Sakamoto Ryoma, the legendary samurai.

1860s Widespread inequity afflicts Kyo, and one samurai's quest for justice will alter the path of history. Grab the Sakamoto Ryoma's sword and head to Kyoto in search of your father's killer so you may clear your name of a false murder accusation and regain your dignity. By doing this, you will put an end to the samurai age and alter Japan's course for all time. Only the designers of Yakuza: Like a Dragon could come up with such a hot historical adventure. Draw your blade, load your handgun, and join the revolution.

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