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Buy DREDGE in advance to get the customized rod!

With the help of this enhanced starting rod, give yourself an advantage. With this chic piece of gear, which is accented with the manufacturer's corporate colors, you'll begin the game. But it's not just for show. This rod, in contrast to other equipment you could discover at DREDGE, is in decent shape and ought to give you the advantage over other anglers—at least temporarily.

Uncover the Mysteries of the Isles by Exploring Them

Beginning from your new residence in the isolated archipelago known as "The Marrows," head out to sea and search the depths for unusual collectibles and more than 125 deep sea creatures. Discover each location by completing missions and traveling to other island territories, each with its own own possibilities, residents, and mysteries.

The Depths to Dredge

Can you trust the person who wants you to look into the past, and will it ever be enough?

Avert the Fog

Watch out for jagged rocks and small reefs because danger lurks everywhere, but the worst dangers are in the dense fog that covers the nighttime waters.

Game Features

  • Resolve a Mysteries: Navigate your fishing trawler between a number of isolated islands, each of which has a unique population, fauna, and stories to be discovered.
  • Dredge the Depths: Explore the water in search of lost treasures and finish tasks to unlock bizarre new skills.
  • Study Your Craft: To get access to precious deep-sea artifacts and unusual species, learn about specialized gear and improve your boat's capabilities.
  • Sell your finds to the locals to learn more about each region in Fish to Survive, and improve your boat to reach even more remote areas.
  • Battle the Unfathomable: Develop mental fortitude and rely on your skills to get through nighttime boat journeys.

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