Super Bomberman R 2 (Xbox ONE)

Super Bomberman R 2 (Xbox ONE)
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The newest installment in the SUPER BOMBERMAN R. party-battle game series!

It features the most material of any game in the series, including new stories and gameplay options.

The game includes both local multiplayer modes where you can challenge your friends and family, as well as global multiplayer modes where you may face off against gamers from all over the world.

There is a new fight mode called "Castle," in which players are separated into Attack side and Castle side to battle for the treasure, in addition to the classic "Standard," "Grand Prix," and "Battle 64" modes.

The addition of a "Stage Editor" feature enables users to design their own levels for "Castle" and share them with other players online.

Let's play "SUPER BOMBERMAN R 2" and have some laughs together!

  • Warfare Setting

Among the game's four combat types is the brand new "Castle" mode.

"Castle" is an asymmetrical fight between two opposing sides, one defending a treasure chest and the other attacking it.

"Standard": The traditional, fan-favorite method of combat!

Two-team "Grand Prix" showdown! Collaborate with your teammates to beat the other side.

"Battle 64" allows as many as 64 participants to fight to the death. Shoot for the B-1 Bomber.

  • Matching Grades

Combat amongst those of about equal skill!

Do battle with people from all around the world in an online arena!

  • In-Situ Matching

Make your own fight rules and formats!

Gather your pals and have some virtual fun!

  • In-Person Conflict

You can play Bomberman on a single gaming system.

Add more players by plugging in more gamepads.

There must be population controllers.

  • Stage Manager

Players may create and share their own unique levels, complete with their favorite blocks and special features.

Use the Stage Editor to make, play, share, and discover new stages!

  • Narrative Mode

The Story Mode has been improved, so have fun with it!

The "Ellons" are Bomberman's new pals, and together they'll help him explore the galaxy and take on the threats that lurk there.

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