Train Sim World 4 - Deluxe Edition (PC / Xbox ONE / Series X|S) (Argentina)

Train Sim World 4 - Deluxe Edition (PC / Xbox ONE / Series X|S) (Argentina)
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Train Sim World 4 Deluxe Edition puts even more simulation power in your hands. Flying Scotsman is the most well-known steam locomotive in the world, and this year marks its centennial, thus special services are being held in its honor. Get on board the famous Vectron decked out in Railpool livery and travel the tracks of Dresden in Germany. This new engine is making a splash in the expanded heavy freight market. All of the routes from the Standard Edition, plus the Flying Scotsman, the Nahverkehr Dresden - Riesa, and the Railpool BR 193 Vectron, are included in the Deluxe Edition.


Experience the thrill of taking control of a simulation. With Train Sim World 4, you may travel at breakneck speeds and unleash your creative potential like no before. If you're into trains, you should really branch out and experience the raw feeling of operating a wide variety of famous routes and trains. You will go from a training facility to a high mountain pass.

All Aboard the Train Simulation

The Class 66, Class 323, and Class 8F have all been added to the Training Center, allowing trainees to get comfortable with diesel, steam, and electric power on the track before venturing out into the real world. You may now play with trains that are optimized for you, benefit from early insight into the content's difficulty, and remove potential pitfalls by adjusting the parameters.


GO WILD! You may now take the wheel of any train you choose and direct its journey anyway you see fit. You have the ability to pause the action and carefully frame the ideal photograph in PHOTO MODE and GALLERY, ensuring that the moments you capture will endure a lifetime. Enhancements to the SCENARIO PLANNER and LIVERY DESIGNER allow you to more precisely tailor your own train journey. Use the CREATORS CLUB to show off your hard work to the rest of the community.


Train Sim World 4 welcomes players of all experience levels, allowing them to dive in however they see fit, with a variety of entry points and customization possibilities. If you've played Train Sim World before and upgraded, your save file and profile will remain intact.

Identifying Characteristics

  • Experience the thrill of train control on well mapped routes.
  • Learn more about the Resource Center for Training
  • Challenge yourself with a wide range of interesting situations and time constraints.
  • Livery Designer, Scenario Planner, Free Roam, Photo Mode, and the Gallery are all great ways to show off your imaginative side.
  • Enjoy all of the material Train Sim World 4 has to offer.
  1. Peterborough to Doncaster on the East Coast Main Line, operated by an LNER BR Class 801
  2. The Metrolink F125 runs between Los Angeles and Lancaster along the Antelope Valley Line.
  3. S-Bahn Vorarlberg: BB 4024 Lindau-Bludinz
  4. The Flying Scotsman, LNER Class A3 No. 60103
  5. Vectron (and Nahverkehr Dresden - Riesa) Railpool BR 193.
  • Increase the depth of your library with forthcoming TSW-compatible items.
  • Your current stuff is coming with you
  • Using the Unreal Engine 4® and Dovetail Games' own SimuGraph® vehicle dynamics engine.
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