Atlas Fallen (Xbox Series X|S) (Colombia)

Atlas Fallen (Xbox Series X|S) (Colombia)
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  • Piattaforma:
    Xbox Series X
  • Metodo di consegna:
    Codice digitale
  • Consegna:
    Meno di 5 minuti
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  • Disponibilità:
    Non disponibile

Rise up from the dust and free mankind from the control of tainted deities.

Glide through the dunes of a world that is timeless and full of secrets, perils, and relics from the past. Hunt legendary creatures while engaging in dramatic, super-powered battle while wielding potent, shape-changing weapons and destructive sand-powered skills.

In a completely cooperative or solo narrative campaign, you may target and capture the essence of your foes to create your own unique playstyle.

Rise from the dust. Unleash the storm.

  •  Master the sands to explore a unique fantasy world teeming with secrets, locales and dangers
  •  Hunt legendary creatures alone or with a friend in heroic, super-powered combat
  •  Unleash your power to create deadly shape-shifting weapons
  •  Rise as the ultimate champion with unique custom skills and abilities

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