Exoprimal (PS5)

Exoprimal (PS5)
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    PlayStation 5
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In Exoprimal, players join a team and battle dinosaurs using the most advanced exosuit technology available today. Players will operate specialized exosuits in online, team-based action game modes where they must stave off hordes of dinosaurs.


Present day: 2040...A worldwide crisis caused by a sudden resurgence of dinosaurs threatens the very survival of civilization.

Even yet, one must not give up hope. The company Aibius has created a super-intelligent AI named Leviathan that can foresee the sites of future epidemics.

Humanity now has a fighting chance against the saurian swarms thanks to this technology and Aibius' innovative powered suits, or exosuits.

Pilots who can operate the exosuits used in space battles are in high demand.

Take the exofighter test and you may be fighting to keep humanity alive with the courageous pilots of Aibius.


Exosuits are state-of-the-art powered suits designed to fight off the danger posed by dinosaurs. There are three main functions for exosuits, depending on their capabilities: attack, tank, and support.

Even in the heat of combat, an exofighter can switch out their exosuit for a different one. Make use of this scalability to quickly adjust your team make-up in order to achieve your goals.



Attacks from short, medium, and long range are prioritized in assault exosuits.

Each assault exosuit has a unique set of weapons and abilities designed to maximize its performance within a certain range of the battle.

Make use of the optimal tool for the job and wipe out the obstruction.


Tank exosuits are designed to shield their teammates from harm by taking the brunt of strikes themselves.

Tank exosuits will be the first line of defense for your crew, whether you're facing a vast horde or a constant onslaught from dinosaurs.


The survival of the crew is ensured by a range of powers available in support exosuits.

Support exosuits typically have the capacity to repair friendly exosuits, but they may also provide a variety of buffs and debuffs.

These skills are used by support exosuits to increase the combat efficiency and speed of a team.


Rigs are supplemental gear for exosuits.Only one rig at a time may be attached to an exosuit, although it will increase the suit's capabilities.

The Zephyr exosuit, for instance, is fantastic up close but struggles against long-range attackers. Zephyr can utilize a long-range laser after the Cannon rig is installed.

Alternately, you might fortify your front line with the aid of the Aid rig equipped on Roadblock.

Players are encouraged to try out a variety of rig and exosuit setups to see what works best for them.

Exosuits and rigs are interchangeable at any moment.


Two teams of five compete against one another in a series of challenges in Dino Survival. To win, a team must follow Leviathan's instructions and finish the assignment before any of their competitors.

In some cases, players will face off against one another in open battle, while in others, they will need to work together with their adversaries in order to defeat a powerful enemy.

As players continue through Dino Survival, they will face new challenges. Even though the setting and goals of the game are the same, each one will be unique.

By playing Dino Survival, players may get access to previously locked plot content and prizes like experience points to level up their characters and their exosuits.


Dinosaurs, the most dreaded and powerful animals of their day, are now extinct.

However, passage through the vortices has accelerated the evolution of these monsters and increased their savagery to unprecedented levels.

The only way for humanity to survive this catastrophe is to use its inventiveness and its most potent weapons, the exosuits.


The neosaurs are a mutant dinosaur species with bizarre new features.

When dinosaurs pass through the vortex barrier after traveling across space and time, they are endowed with a very unstable energy.

Many dinosaurs experience a violent metamorphosis due to this energy.

The extraordinary look, skills, and assaults of neosaurs are due to the tremendous concentration of this energy within their bodies.

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