War Hospital (PS5)

War Hospital (PS5)
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    PlayStation 5
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When the shot is made, the battle resumes.

A battle for survival.

It's a battle to the death.

Today, in 1917. You play the role of Major Henry Wells, a British doctor who had previously retired before being forced back into the horrors of World War I. Many troops on the French Front have just you to rely on, but you are desperately understaffed and undersupplied.

As the head of a field hospital, you must treat terrible wounds sustained in the conflict. Construct a hospital to care for them despite the ear-splitting artillery fire. Try out some authentic WW1 gear and observe the progression of your techniques and tools. The effects of your decisions won't be easily erased.

Create a small group of rescuers and survivors. Raise the spirits of your troops and employees. Encourage lulls in the fighting to restore a semblance of calm. Rather of glorifying death, play a war game.

    • Save the lives of your enemies in this war-themed game.
    • The moral and strategic issues of social survival
    • World War One's French Front is shown faithfully.
    • The film faithfully recreates the grim reality of a British field hospital.
    • Create and deploy cutting-edge medical innovations during World War 1

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