WILD HEARTS - Karakuri Edition (PS5)

WILD HEARTS - Karakuri Edition (PS5)
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  • Piattaforma:
    PlayStation 5
  • Metodo di consegna:
    Codice digitale
  • Consegna:
    Meno di 5 minuti
  • Paese:
    In tutto il mondo
  • Disponibilità:
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WILD HEARTS™ Karakuri Edition includes:

  • 2 x full cosmetic armor sets (Karakuri Samurai + Karakuri Ninja)
  • Decorative Tsukumo Lantern
  • 3 x Emotes (Fighting Spirit, Grovel, Conch)

In the novel hunting game WILD HEARTSTM, you have a fighting chance against dreadful creatures imbued with the savage force of nature itself thanks to technology. You may hunt these monsters by yourself or in seamless co-op with others.

Nobody can recall the exact reason why the Kemono started their bloody escapade across the once-rich Azuma. They use the devastating strength of primordial nature, driven by despair. No one appeared to be able to resist their overpowering might for a while. But there is hope in the shape of a fierce hunter named Karakuri, who is armed with lethal weapons and antiquated technology and who might be able to change the course of the conflict.

WILD HEARTSTM is an epic adventure game set in a fantasy world influenced by medieval Japan, created for this generation of platforms by Omega Force, the Japanese studio behind the DYNASTY WARRIORS series.

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