112th Seed (Xbox ONE)

112th Seed (Xbox ONE)
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  • Platformă:
    Xbox One
  • Metoda de livrare:
    Cod digital
  • Timp de livrare:
    Mai puțin de 5 minute
  • Regiune:
    La nivel mondial
  • Disponibilitate:
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Explore side-scrolling puzzle action on more than 70 levels.

Take on the role of a seed that might revive hope in a future where food is so scarce and the Earth has become inhospitable that most people have died. Make your way through the last research facilities built to grow a plant species that can endure in every setting. In this simple yet difficult pixel art platformer, solve puzzles, avoid traps, nurture plants, and locate an escape.


  •  Explore side-scrolling puzzle action on more than 70 levels.
  •  Learn specialized abilities to get beyond the challenges ahead.
  •  Repeat steps as often as required.
  •  Take advantage of the bite-sized level design for rapid pickups.

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