Mato Anomalies (PS4)

Mato Anomalies (PS4)
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  • Platformă:
    PlayStation 4
  • Metoda de livrare:
    Cod digital
  • Timp de livrare:
    Mai puțin de 5 minute
  • Regiune:
    La nivel mondial
  • Disponibilitate:
    În Stoc

The turn-based role-playing game Mato Anomalies takes players through Mato, a fictitious neo-futuristic recreation of a former oriental city. Investigate weird occurrences in the city by controlling the Dual Protagonists Doe and Gram, or enter rifts to fight demonic creatures trying to destroy the city.

Join forces with surprising allies to uncover the sinister mysteries in this tale of duty, hope, and justice.

A pair of protagonists

Take charge of two very different characters rather than just one. As the private investigator Doe, gather information and wisdom to solve the mystery surrounding the city of Mato. As the tenacious exorcist Gram, enter rifts and fight demonic abominations with your incisive weaponry.


In order to locate Rifts—portals to the demonic monsters invading the city—talk to NPCs, accept tasks, and go to stores around Mato to gather information. Enter at your own risk, defeat them in combat, and reap the spoils.

Band of Outsiders

Your buddy is the adversary of your enemy. Unlikely friendships develop under trying conditions. During your investigations, make new friends and earn their trust via discussion and mutual experiences.

A unique and difficult fighting experience is offered by Smart Combat Mato Anomalies, which is underlined by shared health throughout the squad, a gear matrix, and a dual-talent system. If you want to win, you'll need a special battle technique!

Two Worlds

Explore Mato, a futuristic recreation of a former oriental metropolis. Its surface conceals a different reality. Find rifts that serve as entrances to a hostile environment beyond space and time.

Corruption or Corruption

The tragic tragedy that befalls Mato in some way involves cunning groups. Can our heroes unravel the situation? Or will they succumb to hopelessness and corruption themselves?

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